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There is a general misconception as to what a "scene kid" is. Let's break it down, shall we? "Scene" is a fashion. It erupted from the music scene, derived from emotive hardcore, punk, screamo, softcore, ect. Just like retro or vintage, scene is what you wear, how you wear your makeup, and how your hair is styled. Therefore, a scene kid is a person who dresses in scene couture. We all know the norm: skinny jeans, vans, animal print shirt, long necklaces, lip rings, heavy eye makeup, layered, teased, and multicolored hair. Sadly, many younger teens will load themselves over with black eyeliner and sidesweep their bangs and run around saying, "Rawr I is a scene kid kthnxbai." Many people consider scene kids to have a certain attitude and be vain, but that isn't the case. Whereas that may be some, remember that anybody can dress scene. What you wear won't affect your personality.
Look at that girl with pink and black hair--she's on her way to a show. Looks like a scene kid.
by nicxle-loves-you August 01, 2008

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