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A kid, who copies a kid, who copied more kids, who copied a group of kids, that were scene. Someone who goes on urban dictionary and google and myspace to copy what the real scene kids do, but they over do it. Someone who sits for hours trying to come up with a "random" saying to use as a respond to people. They decide that scene, although they are TRYING to be scene, is who they "really are", even though thats not who they were yesterday. The kids who dye their hair pink, and say its red, the ones who have fake lip piercings, the ones who get freakishly obsessed with guys with long hair, usually named Ryan or Taylor. The ones who run around music festivals and say their name is Zara, as opposed to Sara, and scream, "power to the Chucks!" to anyone who is wearing them, even though half of the kids there are wearing them, as if theyre creative for owning a pair of chuck taylors, even though those shoes have been made since fucking 1905 or something? They usually get their lip pierced out of nowhere, and if theyre the ULTIMATE scene poser, they get a fake lip ring, and then bitch about how their parents wont actually let them pierce it. So the poser will also enlist in some sort of art or poetry class and have this immediate interest in being an artist or a poet and shoving their suicidal pictures and words in your face because no one cares and everyone knows they aren't artistic in any form and probably don't even HAVE the left side of their brain anyway, because it dissolved when the sprayed all that damn ass cheap hair spray on their heads to look cool, even though the girls who usually do that have thin blonde hair so the hairspray just makes them look all crusty.
Example 1-
Scene Poser:"Im so sad that I haven't eaten in the last three days!"
Mary:"Becky, we saw you eat a sandwich yesterday."
Scene Poser:"Oh yeah huh?*breaks out in maniacal laughter*"But Im still depressed..."
Example 2-
Mary:"Becky, is that lip ring fake?"
SP:"Yeth! My parents are so stupid they wont let me pierce it!"
Example 3:
SP:"Nikki, Im wearing TWO different kinda of converse! Isnt that GREAT?!?!?!"
Nikki:"Shut up Becky."
Example 4:
SP:Austin Im sad...
Austin:"No you arent."
SP:"You know what Austin, go eat a sandwich."
Austin:"YOU go eat a sandwich."
SP: "Youre a funny man Austin, funny funny funny..."
Austin:"And your name is Becky."
by George and Lenny. February 13, 2008
A scene poser is someone who tries to be scene because they think that it is cool, but aren't really scene. They suddenly change themselves completely. They start wearing different clothes, acting different, hanging with different people; all because it is 'cool'.

You can tell they are not scene because they were known differently before they suddenly changed themselves and don't know much about being scene at all. They just did it because they want to be 'in' and 'cool'.
Hey, who is that girl?"
"It's Amy."
"That preppy girl?"
"What happened to her?"
"She became a scene poser."
by JustMeg May 27, 2006
scene kids ARE posers. 'scene kids' will make fun of other 'scene kids' so they don't feel like they're the ones faking it. No one should try to be a 'scene kid'. Scene kids think that if they hang out with a bunch of 'scene kids' they can call people dressed exactly the same as them 'scenesters.' scene kids know they're scene, try very hard to be scene, but will pretend that they came up with the whole trend and everyone copied them. They'll deny that they're scene at all, but that's just part of being 'scene'.
Scenester kids in mall: "Rawr look at that scene poser!"
*points to kids who have the same clothes, hair and music taste as them.*
Scenester kid: "ew they're so fake."
by agyness deyn show me pain August 31, 2007
someone who trys to look or act seen when they are really far from it.
dude, you know that scene poser mary? she listens to bands everyone knows like the clash and nirvana but she got snake bites, a scene hair cut, and she put polka dots as her background on her myspace. what a scene poser.
by remain nameless January 13, 2007
Scene posers come to places like urban dictionary, google etc. and search scene just to see what scene people wear, do and act. They will then attempt to dress and act scene but infact be complete utter posers and fail miserably. Scene posers are very sad muchly like other posers. So dearest children if you are doing this to become scene go buy some originality cos' its so in right now (you see because I just said originality was in they're gonna go get some because they're such posers).
Britty(poser) (on the internet talking to friends and cruisin') - LIKE zOMGz RAWR niggaZ sup homies?!!?!?!?
Tash(normal) - Dude wtf happend to you...?
Britty- ZOMGZ i so LIKE totally visited to like BECOME so hardxcrorexscene CAUSE imma so better den you!!!!!
Tash- *cough* scene poser*cough* Dude haven't you heard of originality?
Britty - SHUTUP IM going to cry :'( cause i just got this wikid hair cut and all, -sobs- my LIFE SUCKS im so emo!
Tash- pffft get a life looser -blocks-
by Jazhmeen December 05, 2006
someone who suddenly dresses like a scene person (badly) probably dye their hair and pretend to listen to music scene kids do.
usually add all of the famous myspace whores to make themselves feel like myspace royalty
change from one style that is completely different from scene just to try and fit in with scene kids
does things because they think its the "scene" thing to do
scene poser chick: hey guess what? i have 500 friends on myspace and im a vegan and i bought an afi shirt!! and tomorrow im dying my hair black!
real deal: thats nice poser skank go back to being a prep now, thanks
by hurricane kelsee February 15, 2007
Someone who trys to act like a scene kid and fails miserably.... and everyone knows it. They probably moan about stuff like "omg my highlights are so rad" and "wow let me change my myspace name to (name here)Rawrr" and "OMG its Dani Gore if I add her I'll become a scene queen too even though she won't notice me and its probably a fake anyway!!". They'll hang with scene kids until they relise s/he is a complete fake (and they'd usually notice in the space of five seconds).
Ways to notice a scene poser:

1. They'll change overnight.
2. They'll go on MySpace/Wikipedea/Bebo/UrbanDictionary to find out more on how to be a scene kid.
3. They'll go on MySpace/Wikipedea/Bebo/UrbanDictionary to find out how to not be a poser.
4. They'll start typing like "oMg BaBEzZ hoW r ArE yHUu mY caMeRA wHoRE" or something.
5. They'll start using "Rawr" and "Zomg" even though they were scene around 5 years ago.
6. They'll start going "Joe Jonas is the sex!!" and "wow I'm so hxc and radd" and "im so sxc".
7. Start taking really bad pictures of themselves, trying to copy Dani Gore, Georgina Glamoregore, Tori Tears ect but failing very, VERY miserably
8. Listen to bands that all the "cool kids" are listning to then go on Wikipedea and study all about them and all the lyrics until they know them by heart
9. Their email would be something like or something.
10. Start using old slang like Radd or Steller ect ect.

might also say "omg don't call me emo im so scene!!" and "im so original dont call me fake" or some more crap like that.

I must admit.... used to be a poser myself, around 3 years ago, for about 2 weeks. Stupid, really. only gets you the label "poser" in 2 seconds. But I'm forgiven =D
scene poser msn/aim convo

xXrAWrlIkEWoaHxX: hey my whore!! hey!! i was thinking of going to the town center and taking some pictures of us, like in the myspace pose!!
xXrAWrlIkEWoaHxX: yeah that would be so hxc!! Yeah!! let me invite another person to our convo and see if they want to come and get our so scene highlights done with us!!
xXrAwR: yeah!! make sure there not a poser though!1 dont want to be stuck with a poser!!
so.radd: yeah!!
Jordan: Omg, not you two again. For the last time, I will NOT add you on MySpace!!
xXrawr: oh, we wanted to do this **talk talk talk chat chat chat**
so.radd: like yeah that would be like the sex!!
Jordan: you guys are seriously lame. do me a favour and go back to being a prep, k?? btw... rawr is outta "fashion" now, ok?? -block-
rawr: wow what a weirdo!! she should learn to be herself and not a silly poser!!
radd: yeah!! anyway, lets go take a bad angle photo!!
by PenguinsKickAss November 20, 2008
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