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Someone who trys to act like a scene kid and fails miserably.... and everyone knows it. They probably moan about stuff like "omg my highlights are so rad" and "wow let me change my myspace name to (name here)Rawrr" and "OMG its Dani Gore if I add her I'll become a scene queen too even though she won't notice me and its probably a fake anyway!!". They'll hang with scene kids until they relise s/he is a complete fake (and they'd usually notice in the space of five seconds).
Ways to notice a scene poser:

1. They'll change overnight.
2. They'll go on MySpace/Wikipedea/Bebo/UrbanDictionary to find out more on how to be a scene kid.
3. They'll go on MySpace/Wikipedea/Bebo/UrbanDictionary to find out how to not be a poser.
4. They'll start typing like "oMg BaBEzZ hoW r ArE yHUu mY caMeRA wHoRE" or something.
5. They'll start using "Rawr" and "Zomg" even though they were scene around 5 years ago.
6. They'll start going "Joe Jonas is the sex!!" and "wow I'm so hxc and radd" and "im so sxc".
7. Start taking really bad pictures of themselves, trying to copy Dani Gore, Georgina Glamoregore, Tori Tears ect but failing very, VERY miserably
8. Listen to bands that all the "cool kids" are listning to then go on Wikipedea and study all about them and all the lyrics until they know them by heart
9. Their email would be something like scene_kiid_baby_rawr_@companyname.com or something.
10. Start using old slang like Radd or Steller ect ect.

might also say "omg don't call me emo im so scene!!" and "im so original dont call me fake" or some more crap like that.

I must admit.... used to be a poser myself, around 3 years ago, for about 2 weeks. Stupid, really. only gets you the label "poser" in 2 seconds. But I'm forgiven =D
scene poser msn/aim convo

xXrAWrlIkEWoaHxX: hey my whore!!
liikee.so.radd: hey!! i was thinking of going to the town center and taking some pictures of us, like in the myspace pose!!
xXrAWrlIkEWoaHxX: yeah that would be so hxc!!
like.so.radd: Yeah!! let me invite another person to our convo and see if they want to come and get our so scene highlights done with us!!
xXrAwR: yeah!! make sure there not a poser though!1 dont want to be stuck with a poser!!
so.radd: yeah!!
Jordan: Omg, not you two again. For the last time, I will NOT add you on MySpace!!
xXrawr: oh, we wanted to do this **talk talk talk chat chat chat**
so.radd: like yeah that would be like the sex!!
Jordan: you guys are seriously lame. do me a favour and go back to being a prep, k?? btw... rawr is outta "fashion" now, ok?? -block-
rawr: wow what a weirdo!! she should learn to be herself and not a silly poser!!
radd: yeah!! anyway, lets go take a bad angle photo!!
by PenguinsKickAss November 20, 2008

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