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Omfgzz hi,my name is posing scene slag.First off I just love to pretend Im bisexual because everyone else does and I cant be individual or different.
Every morning I put crap such as ribbons in my hair because its so emo.See emo is popular so Im emo.But when goth is the fashion again Ill be goth.Anyway after that I spend hours backcombing my hair so it looks like a giant bunch of pubes.After that I meet all of my "friends" who I actualy bitch about constantly behind their back because Im a two faced slag.I also have to wear lepoard print shoes like everyone else along with drainpipes that were actualy normal fitting jeans from when I was 7.See Im an anorexic STD carrying whore.
Then I have to flirt with everyone because I think it makes me look popular but I just look like a slag.Then I have a sip of cider and pretend to be pissed so that can be an excuse for fucking everything in sight.
When I get home I have to edit my myspace and write shit like "Im a fucking bitch deal with it" while listening to taking back sunday and panic!at the disco.Oh and of course all of my pictures involve me in nothing but my underwear so everyone can see my fat wobbly ass and my flat chest.
All my friends are Scene girls.
by Jack[uth] September 07, 2006
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