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The worst possible consequence of anal sex for the male participant. 200 out of 62 men surveyed claimed it was the number 1 reason why they feared delving into the back door. Ninety-eight percent of which later admitted that it was actually because their women wouldn’t let them. Never the less, the fear is real. It occurs when the man draws back just a little too far and all his joy is vanquished as his penis snaps up into its full and upright position, much like the mythical catapult weapon of history books. Instead of rocks the projectile is the freshest wad of poop ever, flung at the speed of erection.

Cases have been reported of blindness, puking, E.D., a bad taste in one’s mouth, and car accidents.

Most commonly manifests in the infamous Doggy Style position.

First recorded in 42 BC in cave drawings in Michigan’s Brown Caves.
BOB: What’s got you in such a crappy mood?

Cal: Something bad happened last night.

BOB: Oh yeah?

Cal: Yeah, Cindy finally let me butt fuck her and... and...

BOB: You got the Scatapult didn’t you?

Cal: Yes! I lost my rhythm for one second and it came flying up at me. She had corn for dinner dude, CORN! You know how hard it is to get shit stains out of popcorn textured ceiling?

BOB: So did you stop after that?

Cal: No, I finished first.
by The BOB not a Bob! December 23, 2010
n. Shovel or device used to throw dog shit over a fence.
vt. to fling or launch dog shit from one yard to another
vi. to be scatapulted,
I asked Little Leonard to go in the backyard and clean up after the dog. Instead, I caught him using the shovel as a Scatapult to fling the dog shit over the fence into the neighbor's yard!
by 24@SJ July 17, 2009
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