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Scarfo was a member of the American mob who served as leader for the Philly scen at one point. His full name was Nicodemo "Nicky" Scarfo. He was known for his ruthless tactics and ordered dozens of murders while he was Tthe number one of the Philly click. He also had a habit of scanning the news for stories implicating him in said killings and he would go to great lengths to make sure he got the "alleged" credit for the hits/murders.
Nicky Scarfo is one of those guys you like fore some strange reason in spite of the fact he was a murder, sociopath and generally a real piece of shit of a human being.
by saharadryhumor January 09, 2015
another word for the columbian export cocaine
you tryna copp somofthat Scarfo?
Whats good with the scarfo?
by iZzLe~~ August 16, 2006
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