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A complete nightmare to his enemies. Can be seen as a cruel person that is heartless, and a complete demon. He is very protective of his friends, and can only be contained by his true love, the other half of his soul. He loves his sexy angel to death and would kill anyone that hurt her. He is also the husband in law with many beautiful and caring girls that make this world brighter. He isn't to be confused with other Richards, cuz he is unique and not nicknamed Dick, if by chance you call him dick you will be in a world of pain. He also isn't the evil piece of shit that kill Mufasa in the Lion King. He is also considered a snake, as well as a wolf due to his unique personalities. He suffers from the nightmares of his past, but with the help of his friends and his angel he is still alive. According to many people he is super sexy, adorable and someone that you can open up to. If you are dating this monster, you are the luckiest girl/boy alive cuz he will die to protect you. An my angel loves me for who I am she says nobody compares to her prince of darkness.
by DarkGoddessofhell February 12, 2014
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