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Someone who turns peope onto the TV series Farscape. See scape.
She's some Scaper -- she donated the whole series DVDs to her local library!
by whisky May 12, 2005
Someone who play on the internet game RuneScape regularly.
Barry is such a scaper, he told me how he mined ores last night.
by Dickie Martin December 11, 2006
A devoted fan of the science fiction television show Farscape.
Jon is quite a Scaper.
by Tom E. Pinkerton November 18, 2002
anyone who is fan of show tv call farscape
george is scaper he he wacth farscape
by jack mcroja September 29, 2004
a verb; to scapegoat someone.
"You're not going to scaper me." ( from Boston Legal last week)
by Elaine Pedigo April 03, 2006