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alternatively: Scandinavian "Penisula"

For people with a sense of humor and a dirty mind. orig. "Scandinavian Peninsula."

Coming from the fact that the peninsula looks a lot like a penis on a map, with Finland being another penis and the tips touching.
Person 1: Hey I heard Petre was from the Scandinavian Penis
Person 2: Really? What side of the ethnic meat staff is he from?
Person 1: I think Norway, he seems a lot fuzzier than a Swede or a Finn.
Person 2: Ha! I'd love to be from a penis-shaped country like Finland.
by Hugh Jazzdich October 27, 2013
On average, the largest kind of penis in the world, coming ahead of even the almighty black penis
"OMG, Shayla, last night, I had a Scandinavian Penis inside me!"
"LOL, is that why you're limping?"
"Yeah, but it was worth it!"
by Lilac de Nubia October 29, 2013