A person of mixed race who's background is both Scandinavian and Asian.

The term is occasionally thought up by individuals (usually those who are Scandinasian) without outside influence, but has existed for decades, if not longer.
Man: That girl. She's both Swedish and Chinese, so what does that make her? Asian or Scandinavian?

Woman: Both. She's Scandinasian!
by A_Scandinasian November 19, 2012
Top Definition
A female born and raised in Scandinavia but of asian descent.
Henrik: Wow, that girl doesn't look Scandinavian.
Vicky: I know, she's a Scandinasian.
by vixblue January 25, 2012
1. A child born to a tall blond man and a short Asian woman.
2. A Northern European corporation that conducts business in Asia to save labor costs and to avoid heavy Euro and US taxes.
That shoe company is Scandinasian.
by psnack May 12, 2010

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