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A term that can be used to describe the act of dating more then one person at a time or the act of flirting or hitting on more then one person at a time. Scamblin can be performed by a women or a man. Scamblin can range from simply flirting with more then one person to being a lover to more then one person.

Once a person is considered to be scamblin, the word scambler can be used to describe the person doing the scamblin.
Example 1:
Wow Archie, you talking to all these women must be hard to balance out. I dont understand how you can stay scamblin.

Example 2:
My friend and I decided to go out dancing with a group of girls. One of them was grinding unusually hard on me and my friend as she switched off dancing with us. I could tell that second she was scamblin us.
by $betsy April 29, 2009
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