The act of shadily leveraging an oppurtunistic situation for some sort of personal again, at the expense of a faceless corporation or complete stranger. Scams are rarely illegal, but require a good eye for the oppurtunity, clever manipulation of the situation, loose morals, and confidence in your ability to fabricate lies. Scams can be as simple as getting drive-thru then stopping back 10 minutes later to say they forget one of the burgers, or as complex as...well, the sky's the limit. Despite the shadiness of a scam, the person perpetutating the scam, the "scam-artist", is usually a very intelligent, well integrated member of society who merely never passes up an oppurtunity.
Guy1: Dude, lets scam our way into the movies tonight, because there is no way I'm paying $10 for some cliche, poorly written Hollywood crap-fest.

Guy2: Alright, I'm in.
by allanon June 30, 2005
Top Definition
To trick or cheat someone out of their posession(s). A ripoff.
The Internet is littered with scams such as pop-up ads or email spam ads with "Get Rich Quick/High-Paying Job/You Are A Winner" messages.
by AYB April 29, 2003
To make-out using the tongue and going further into kissing. (remember it is an urban dictionary not merriam websters!!!! so screw the definition of scam meaning a scheme!!!!!)
I scammed with your mom last night.
by Johnny March 08, 2005
To make-out "hardcore"
Do you want to go scam?
by Siddhartha August 06, 2001
Any e-mail from a "Nigerian" prince or bank manager. A good way to select the extremely gullible from the rest of us.
(All-Caps) Good Sir, I am told that you are a man of reputable trustworthiness, and I have a proposition from the office of the Prince of Nigeria...
by Soylent Plaid March 02, 2005
the act of trying to hook up with someone who is oblivious to the fact that they're being used as a booty call. Trying to get with someone who is innocent.
A: Jacob is in the cafeteria scamming on some innocent freshman.

B: Poor girl doesn't even know what she's in for.
by Anaphylaxis November 28, 2009
A contrived scheme or process designed to surreptitiously, deceitfully and materially benefit the perpetrator(s) at the expense of the victim(s).
To provide or sell goods or services, knowing them to be unfit for purpose, while implying or claiming fitness in order to elevate the monetary value and generate undeserved revenue.

To extract goods or services from a provider whilst using deceitful measures designed to deny the provider suitable recompense in return.
by Brendan Townsend February 23, 2004
As seen in the popular movie of 1989, Say Anything;going out as friends, but both of the individuals like each other.
Lloyd Dobler: I'm gonna take Diane Court out again.
Corey Flood: Well, that's unlikely.
Lloyd Dobler: Is the movies a good second date? You know, as a date?
Corey Flood: Well, you never had a first date.
Lloyd Dobler: Yes we did. I sat across from her at a mall. We ate together. We ate. That's eating. Sharing an important physical event.
Corey Flood: That's not even a scam.
Lloyd Dobler: What's a scam?
Corey Flood: Going out as friends.
D.C.: No, it's not. Scam is lusting.
by Gillain Quinn June 19, 2007
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