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Synonymous with Merrimack Valley High School.
A shitty little place that can't even afford tissues.
Populated mainly by three social groups;
-Cousin fucking losers, know to greet everything with "Sup buck!"
-Scum bag 'drug dealers' that sell overpriced, under quality shit. Not that difficult to spot, easily distinguishable by some form of rasta apparel, a faint smell of weed that can't seemed to be washed away, or a stray lighter.
-Shovel faced herpes whores that walk with their nose up, and ass out. Their favorite activity is to talk shit about other girls.

With a curriculum that appears to be getting shittier and shittier, it's only a matter of time before it's equivalent to Franklin High.
Mike "I got transferred here from Scalley Valley."
Jake "Shit bro. You should get yourself tested..."
by Dubs09 March 16, 2012
a term used when talking about Merrimack Valley High School; referring to Merrimack Valley as scum
I hate Scalley Valley
by hahahaha75 January 27, 2011