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1) Teatro alla Scala, a famous opera house in Milan

2) An object-oriented programming language developed in Switzerland and targetted primarily at the Java Virtual Machine. It's a bit like Java, except with all the syntactical cruft removed, closures and first-class functions added, and an awesome collections library. This comes together to let you write code in about a quarter of the lines as for Java.

You can use it simply as a "better Java" (since Java classes are imported just as easily), as a fully fledged functional programming language, or something in between.
1) Andiamo a vedere un'opera lirica alla Scala!

2) Scala:

def reverseAdd(N: Int) = N.toString.reverse.toInt + N


public int reverseAdd(int N) {

String s = "" + N;

String v = "";

for (int i = s.length() - 1; i >= 0; i--) {

v += s.charAt(i);


return N + Integer.parseInt(v);
by Rosetta Rock September 26, 2011
Unit of measurement for temperature. Usually associated with awsmes.
Damn it's hot in here, it's like 100Scalas!
by Thanatos the tortuga salesman April 15, 2009
a girl that likes black and red
sandra loves scala so much she wears it everyday.
by Jessren March 04, 2005
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