The act of having acnetic pimples on ones face and or forehead. Can be transmitted by contact or sexually usually by skeeting on ones face or vaginal region.
That dirty bitch gave me scabies and didn't even aplogize. Its ok cus i got her back by skeeting in her ass when she asked me not to.
by Cletus April 10, 2005
some ill sidistic shit that live in ur pubic bone believe it or not they dont have any relation to spic babies
damn yo that bitch gave me sum sca bay bays last night when i put my dick in her verticle smile i cant belive i have scabies now
by cody decesare January 20, 2008
an infectious disease u get from scabs
Sara, you have scabies on ur elbow!
by kat m April 05, 2006
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