A ghost amongst the crowd. A miserable excuse for a creature of such utter lifelessness that she can barely even be conceptualised, so mundane is the reality in which she exists.

So inconsequential and unsubstantial as to be virtually hidden and thus almost entirely undetectable by means of visible light or indeed by any other form of light on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Unseen, unheard, untouchable, devoid of anything that could ever possibly be considered human.

The personification of the living dead.

The epitome of non-existence.
Never was there such an abject thing as she.

The undetectable apparition that only barely exists within the lifeless void that is mediocrity itself.

Existence is futile.
by Paul Merrick September 07, 2004
Top Definition
The living embodiment of She-Rah Princess of Power.
'Whoa man dun mess with her, she's Sayrah! Princess of Power!'
by Lenny Jones June 23, 2004
A cross between a Nymph and a Hermit who ventures out every six months to have fun and then returns to her cave to immerse herself in the virtual world - usually Everquest.

Although fairly educated and articulate she sometimes overlooks the common sense things in life

e.g while downloading from Kazza "This 2 user guy has lots of cool stuff and im always downloading from him"

The highlights of Sayrahs week is gardening and applying a nicotine patch.
"I have no faith","love is just a chemical imbalance to make you procreate and the older you get the less it affects you", "science is the answer to everything", "neverrr give up neverrrr surrender!"
by Davrosthecreator June 23, 2004
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