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Someone who plays saxophone well, plays a sexy saxophone, or is sexy and plays the sax well.
Wow Fil, your solo is so saxy!!

SHS band member: Have you heard his saxophone solo?
another SHS band member: Oh yeah!! Its so saxy!
by Kirstie113 May 30, 2007
123 36
a girl/boy who plays a saxaphone who is also sexy. Therefore making them saxy.
Wow look at that saxy chick over there.

Man that boy is sooo saxy.

That saxy woman could wet my reed anyday.
by K July 03, 2004
474 251
refers to a very attractive (or sexy) individual who plays the saxophone
Damn, look at him blow that saxophone. That's dead-saxy!
by mikeyawesomeone July 19, 2008
327 166
Someone who is so sexy that putting them in the same category as sexy is a discrace. Only the elite few can ever be called saxy.
Look at that Sulaim, boy is he saxy!
116 72
Used in describing inanimate objects, concepts and that one casino between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario
or, a funnier way to say something is "sexy"
I didn't want to, but I just had to take the job offer, becuase it was just too saxy to turn down!
by Corinne Creswell November 01, 2006
89 48
Used to describe music made by the saxophone because it's so damn sexy.
Person A: That sax solo at the end of Midnight City gets me every time. It's so saxy!
Person B: I see what you did there.

Person A lvl up 100pts
by Y-Dawg! August 29, 2013
15 0
A girl or boy who plays saxaphone who is also sexy in a nerdy/geeky way.
Damn, Max is saxy with his glasses on!
by MyHeadHurts October 14, 2007
36 27