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A fictional Character who is part of the Team Fortress 2 universe. Saxton Hale is the CEO of Mann Co. A subsidiary of TF Industries.

He is a brawny Australian with a hairy chest, tight fitting shorts, and a hat who is seen shirtless in an excerpt in a catalog that the spy orders spy gadgetry from.

He is the rumored tenth class and is believed to be more powerful than Chuck Norris.
If you press f10, you turn into Saxton Hale!
by Great Grizzly September 19, 2009
The Love child of Chicago Ted and Chuck Norris birthed by Marlon Brandon under the watchful gaze of The spirit of Eric the Red.

With his Australian Shaped chest hair, manly abs and desire to beat hippies to death, he has become the icon, nay, hero, of most of earth's sentient male population.

Unfortunately, many ridicule or mimick him, particuarly the younger generation of Hale Fanbois who repeatedly utter the phrase "OMG Saxton Hale is Hot anal sex!" a disturbing anogram of the legend's name.
I look forward to working with you/beating you to death with my bare hands - Saxton Hale.
by Not a Cobra October 18, 2010

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