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Used to describe something that hard work was put into creating its beauty or attractiveness.
Wow, look at that girl, she's covered in sawdust.
by Slaybel June 02, 2014
1 0
The remains of a cereal such as Quaker Oat squares or Frosted Mini Wheats. Flavor is Questionable.
I was going to eat Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast, but there was only sawdust left in the bag
by Mustard lover November 27, 2011
5 5
adj. to describe, better yet, make a comparison to actual sawdust created by cutting something made out of wood and being inside a girl
Bro #1 : Yooo did u get with her?

Bro #2: Yeah, i was going go down on her until i came to realization my fingers weren't in a pile of sawdust...they were(interrupted by Bro #1)

Bro #1: hahaha nah no way
by Team Sawdust October 13, 2009
7 7
sawdust the new albumb by the band the killers
it is a collection of b-sides and new stuff by the group.
Including sams town b-side all the pretty faces
and a compilation for the song tranqulize with the velvet revolver frontman lou reed
fangirl:brandon flowers is so hot.
there releasing a new albumb right?
other fangirl: yeah its called sawdust
fangirl: om my ..sex in words...
by tkc_me October 10, 2007
5 8