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Used to describe something that hard work was put into creating its beauty or attractiveness.
Wow, look at that girl, she's covered in sawdust.
by Slaybel June 02, 2014
The remains of a cereal such as Quaker Oat squares or Frosted Mini Wheats. Flavor is Questionable.
I was going to eat Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast, but there was only sawdust left in the bag
by Mustard lover November 27, 2011
adj. to describe, better yet, make a comparison to actual sawdust created by cutting something made out of wood and being inside a girl
Bro #1 : Yooo did u get with her?

Bro #2: Yeah, i was going go down on her until i came to realization my fingers weren't in a pile of sawdust...they were(interrupted by Bro #1)

Bro #1: hahaha nah no way
by Team Sawdust October 13, 2009
sawdust the new albumb by the band the killers
it is a collection of b-sides and new stuff by the group.
Including sams town b-side all the pretty faces
and a compilation for the song tranqulize with the velvet revolver frontman lou reed
fangirl:brandon flowers is so hot.
there releasing a new albumb right?
other fangirl: yeah its called sawdust
fangirl: om my in words...
by tkc_me October 10, 2007
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