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Contrary to the other definitions odd opinion, a very good band that has only had a couple popular songs, one of which was very good (Girl Next Door), the other being completely off from anything else they've ever done (Supergirl).

A common focus is love, but they have at least two songs about an abusive boyfriend.

Also, Taylor Swift copied the melody of the chorus of Girl Next Door and used it in her song I'd Lie.
Me: Yeah, and then One Girl Revolution started playing on my iPod in the middle of class. I couldn't turn it off before my teacher noticed and took it away!
My friend: Saving Jane or Superchick?
Me: Superchick, but I love both songs!
by LittleLeaves January 08, 2011
Trashy trash. rubbish, terrible.
oh my god saving jane are so trashy likes! i love them
by trealre trash July 27, 2006
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