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The act of being a curse or bringing the team down in COD zombies.
1. Oh my god, you are such a Savier.

2. We arent gonna get very far in zombies because Brian is a Savier.
by mnmcookies14 January 22, 2011
A generally sex appealing man with a hot body and nice abs. He is usually very attractive to pale white women with blue eyes. He likes to seduce them into a trans-like state and after that is done, he likes to kill them for sexual pleasure. This is why blue eyes are going extinct.
A: Oh my goodness?! Did you hear who is going out with Savier?
B: No! Who??
A: That white blue eyed Haley girl in my second period.
B: He's going to kill her for sexual pleasure!
A: Let's save her!
by ilovekillinghaleys March 20, 2009