most likely blondeand super but has the occasional dumb moments.An Athletic and easy to talk to girl.She can be shy but when she's in her comfort zone she can be wild and crazy. usually well known and a risk taker.Shes fun to be arround and usually the life of a party. She has more on her mind than you may think and can be very insecure and self conscience.She usually hides her feelings to avoid getting hurt but once its been too much she lets it all out and all she really wants at a time like that is for someone to listen to her.She is a great friend and you can always turn to her for advice or help.If you need anything she will always be there for you.She is very reliable.
she's soo pretty she looks like she'd be a savanah
by laralara1213 August 20, 2011
Top Definition
An amazing person, who usually is trustworth and very kind
Savanah is a freaking awesome friend
by omac May 27, 2008
A Savannah: the most beautiful and well rounded, amazing girl ever. She's a free spirit with adventure in her heart but never forgets who she is and who she loves. If you have a Savannah in your life dont let her go. Don't take it personally if it seems like she isn't showing you love because she is deep inside of her. Savannah is precious and has ABSOLUTELY no idea how amazing she is. Comfort her when she needs it and she will comfort you back. She may play hard to get but once she tells you she loves you she damn straight means it. Every little thing she does make her the captivating and elegant soul she is, for although she has a rough life she is able to transcend her troubles and view the present with maturity and hindsight. It's easy to get lost in her eyes but its even easier to lose yourself when they close. She's a gorgeous Angel and your lucky to have one.
i wish i knew more savanahs...
by laralara1213 August 20, 2011

Savanah's are exotic creatures that require a bit of understanding. When you first meet one she could be quiet, drawn-back, and even antisocial. This is quite unusual for a Savanah, but depending on the crowed she could come across as stuck up, reckless, dangerous, and destructive.

Savanah's are really quite nice and witty, once you really get to know them. They have a hipster way to them that attracts people, their eyes are the windows to their souls.

Conversation with a Savanah can go in any direction you want, she can talk about anything, if you feel over powered or uncomfortable by the conversation tell her, she'll understand and change the conversation to a new subject.

Having a Savanah for a friend is an interesting, yet worth while, relationship. Savanah's are extremely deep people, but their hipster and sarcastic attitude makes it hard to make out exactly what she's trying to tell you. You have to read between the lines a bit, but what you get out is either funny or intriguing. Don't be afraid to ask what she's really trying to say, and don't be afraid to take risks with her.

Savanah's are reckless and dangerous, be careful when interacting with one, try to see the person underneath. Savanah's often times will try to involve you in their adventures and the memories will last a life time, but so might be the consequences. Be cautious, but willing, when getting involved.
Example 1:
"Savanah is an Alice in Wonderland case, someone better make sure she doesn't get hurt while she's out tonight."
(Alice in Wonderland case: Not cautious / very carefree / wearing rose colored glasses)

Example 2:
Her first impression on me was danger, she said her name was Savanah.
by Mr Matu September 27, 2013
Smart but has occasional blonde moments and can be a bit of a dumbass. Her physical traits are curvy, most likely blonde, and sort of southern. Her personality can rub off as ditsy but once you get to know her she is creative and interesting. She may judge people to quickly but tries her best not to and give everyone a chance. can sometimes, deep down, be very insincere. Overall an amazing person with flaws like everyone else.
savanah watch out for that tree! i cant believe she gets straight a's...
by laralara1213 August 20, 2011
a Savanah is the most trusting girl you will ever know. If She has a secret to keep, she will struggle to keep it, but soon she wont tell it.

She is beautiful. Her eyes always sparkle, and her hair falls down. a Savanah is usually a blonde.
Savanah is really funny and caring. if you are feeling down, come to Savanah and she will make you smile and laugh!
That girl looks like a Savanah
by ImSoDopeAndSwaggyDawg March 10, 2015
Cool girl who is genuinely awesome most of the time. Until she starts making up crazy lies. A "savanah" will regularly tell you about events in which she gets out of receiving speeding tickets because of showing cleavage (she doesn't even drive), stealing her neighbor's purse for her mother's birthday present while dodging attack dogs, or being brutalized with her 10 year-old sister in mosh pits.

Her lies eventually become so ridiculous that you end up having to write about her on Urban Dictionary.
Man 1: "Holy shit. I got raped by a doberman at a Lady GaGa concert last weekend."

Man 2: "Well aren't you just a total Savanah!"
by Lydia Fuzzwack May 29, 2011
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