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Somebody that has had a serious motorcycle accident and so has had skin, limbs and scalp ripped away from them, so they resemble a sausage monster, this term was first used by Hunter S Thompson during the 1970's
Since the crash she has resembled a sausage with eyes, a sausage monster with only stumps where limbs had been, with burnt cumberland complexion and about as much hair as a fish
by Dr Jack Pays January 26, 2009
A man usually gay who loves the cock, They are in the Sausage monster state when they are taking many many many cocks any place you can put them at on time.
The dude on will and grace is a sausage monster
by Yourmomisgay2000 March 11, 2009
The step bellow a meatball monster. A guy that is jacked but not overly jacked. They can be seen at the gym in groups. Are very strong but not necessarily massive like meatball monsters.
A couple of sausage monsters and I were at the gym yesterday blasting our pecs.
by Robby Fresh April 11, 2008
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