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Referring to the popular McDonalds sandwich ("My saucy celebration" as advertised on posters) which can be mistaken for the climax of sexual intercourse.
Last night me and my girlfriend had a saucy celebration in bed!
#saucy #climax #orgasm #mcdonalds #masturbating
by Spying_Fuzzball November 17, 2011
A McDonalds sandwich and a surprisingly fitting euphemism for sex.
"Hey you wanna go get a saucy celebration? I've heard McDonalds has them again."

"Hey babe, let's have a saucy celebration tonight"

"My saucy celebration had too much sauce and it spewed all over my face"
#mcdonalds #mcrib #sex #euphemism #play time
by mr.saucycelebration November 17, 2011
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