A combination of awesome and some sort of pasta sauce
Its really only used to describe the "private" rank in world of warcraft
by Valandra July 19, 2005
Top Definition
Shortened version of It's Awesome. Heard more often in situation where alcohol is present, when saying two words seperately is a difficult task.
Guy 1: Did you see the ass on her?
Guy 2: I know, sauc'em.
by ohminku July 17, 2005
"super" and "awesome" combined.

Say it out loud and you will hear it.

Coined by someone special
"Damn that girl is saucem ;)"


Girl: hey can you pick me up at 8?
Boy: Sure! I'll bring a limo ;)
Girl: Saucem!!!
by Tintinsquared August 13, 2013
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