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n. 1.a fine brother who is taken as scary at first because of his quietness but people realize that he has a big heart and girls begin to like him when he opens up
2.prefix "sat" means the truth
someone who is truthful
3.someone who you can not mess with because of his sneakiness and stealthiness
4. someone you can cuddle up with
5. someone you can rely on
John is such a satvinder; he is so truthful.
#fine #truthful #sneaky #cuddly #reliable
by imfine April 15, 2009
n. a funny and smart ass guy
Robin and Bobby are satvinders.
#funny #smart #ass #hilarious #guy
by imfine April 17, 2009
satvinder is a retard = retard is a retard
#retard #sat #satu #satvinde #satvinder
by agsrule April 16, 2009
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