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(noun) an asshole who uses women for a quick good time and them tosses them to the wolves.
Dude! you just used he to jah-hoogety your gah-shmoigan. Your such a Sather
by Grey Rage January 28, 2009
A white male that often shows african-american qualities. They are normally quite fast. They can be known to lie and steal. They treat women like objects and ditch them for better offers. They have female family members that are known to put out extremely more than normal.
Dude that kid is just lied about running from the police...what a sather!!!
A name used to refer to a pimple. Also, a lesbian sex toy often used by two parners.
Dude, that Sather is a total chode.


I can't believe Courtney Love fit that whole Sather up her ass.
by iknowwhereyoulivefoo April 27, 2006
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