A term used to explain the drunkenness of the previous nights antics.

The word 'sass' means alcohol
Bloody hell man, I was so sassed last night it's unreal. I can't even remember the girls who's number I got!

You fancy a session tonight? The fridge is FULL of sass...
by Bennana February 08, 2009
Top Definition
To "sass"
To be unecessarily cheeky or rude
Person 1: "Who am I speaking to?"
Person 2:"Who do you THINK you're speaking to?"
Person 3: "Ooh you just got sassed!"
by SianMP November 26, 2009
word meaning; hiding or smash bash etc.
used by the pacific young islanders in mangere
sole; eh bro i sassed that maori hoodrat yesterday
bro; oh charu *hi fives*
by shush` April 16, 2005
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