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A combination of a sasquatch and an alien. This creature has the big head and big eyes of an alien,it also has the body and the hair of a sasquatch. It drives a Ford Taurus Wagon with 18 inch chrome-dialed rims. This Creature also carries around an abyssal whip made from it's home planet, Orthon. When you get whipped by it you turn rabid and obtain pneumonia. This deadly ,mysterious creature lives in woods near redwood trees,usually in Iowa. If you see one dont make eye contact because it has poisonous laser vision and will shine it's lasers on yours and you will be blinded. What you want to do is yodel with your eyes closed and hop up and down on one foot. That scares them the most. There are only 69 Sasqualiens left in the species. Be careful!
Oh my god, I just saw a sasqualien. It looked mad because I just scratched is vehicle. Here he comes,I'm dead.
by Bob Berson January 07, 2007
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