A dirty little city in the middle of nowhere.Saskatoon is a horrible place to live.
It is just one big boring ghetto.
The folks who live in saskatoon think its sooo big like LA but they are just a bunch of Calgary wannabees.
The winter is the worst thing about saskatoon,it lasts for 8 fucking months of the year and it can be -40 for three weeks staright.
Saskatoon is also a very dangerous place,a walk through the westside will surely result in several knife wounds.

If someone had to choose between hell and saskatoon hell would be the better choice.Hey? at least theres no snow in hell!!!
Saskatoon makes Winnipeg look like Dubai.
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by guy94 December 09, 2010
1. Where nice people live as well as some fuckers
2. Where you don't want to stay alone after midnight when you miss the last bus in winter
3. Where shit includes with 13%taxes, be poor and proud with that!
4. Where temperature fuck up and down different 100 degree in both winter and summer
5. Where you think "What the fuck is that? Is this Saskatoon?" on the plane when you see a totally flatted plain down there with less constuctions.
6. Where to be there like a Santa and get back home like you have never been there
7. Where little boys stay home when it hits -30, and grown men go fishing and dancing outside no shirts!
8. Where is a good place to study despite one part of the university's name and how the people make fun of it
9. Where to get fresh air, cold water (really damn great and free!), and hot chicks!
10. Where we call, A dead peacful city
11. Avril Lavigne has been there even she's not Saskatoonian
12. Same as Celine Dion
13. Where guys sucks at pool
7. Usask = You sucks, not university
by Nathan March 03, 2005
Saskatoon is a dirty little town in the middle of the gap i.e., the area between the two civilized places in Canada (ON-BC). Also known as Losertoon, Dirty Hole and No-Name-Toon (or NNT). Losertoon has a significant amount of aboriginal population mainly peaceful, a lot of crows (that is A LOT) and infinite empty space. Some fun stuff to do if you plan to go there: --- nothing. If you are already there: RUN BABE RUN! BTW avoid the place if you are not blond, blue-eyed white. You see Losertoon has a long tradition with KKK which is still a main institution there.
Saskatoon...Losertoon (sing it like Jeepers Creepers)
#saskatoon #losertoon #dirty hole #no-name-toon #saskatchewan
by Jon C P June 04, 2008
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