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1. as in Michael Sarver, the 10th place contestant on American Idol, season 8, also known as "Papa Bear".

-verb "to Sarver"
1. to miss an inside joke/event/occurrence. It is in reference to a flood of Twitters from members of an online American Idol community to Michael Sarver's account, congratulating him and fellow American Idol contestant Danny Gokey's "romantic" relationship. In response, Sarver Twittered, "Did I miss something".

Both Gokey and Sarver are very Christian and socially conservative, and Danny has said he loves Michael in the "right...godly" way.
I Sarvered on that Kradam moment! What happened?

I don't get all this drama...I must've Sarvered while I was having a life/sleeping.
by vita_dulcis August 17, 2009
A man who has a sexual attraction to little boys.
Man that sarver was diggin all over them little boys.
by PR5 November 28, 2007