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Just, a funny word that you say sometimes :)
Guy 1: Hey, man wuzzap?
Guy 2: i am gonna to
Guy 1: Sarm.

by Hocce May 13, 2003
6 6
Acronym for a person that is "Single And Ready to Mingle."

Word is commonly used as a noun, although it can be used as an adjective.
Chad: "Are any hotties coming to the party tonight?"
Todd: "Yeah, Gertrude is coming. She is a total SARM!"
Chad: "Hooray! I'll try to hit that!"
by MDSMooth February 20, 2009
10 1
another name for a typo
i went to the store yesterdsy
sorry for the sarm, i ment yesterday
by Bob Wilson May 31, 2003
7 4
The greatest and most black person on the planet earth
Fuck sarm is black
by Sarm Pac June 28, 2003
11 9
acronym for sexually active rampaging monkeys
(mating monkeys)
child: mommy what kind of monkeys are those mommy?
Mother: those are SARM monkeys sweetie
child: what does sarm mean mommy?
Mother: you will learn that when you are older sweetie (recites sexually active rampaging monkeys in the back of her head)
by megfishie December 03, 2007
0 4