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a word given to someone who sucks up to the Sarkoh constantly because they think it is famous as it is on a list along with half of the internet. you will be able to distinguish whether or not somebody is a Sarkohmo with the following: if the person has a keen liking for the color lime green likes a certain washed up punk group and likes it when people have red hair who also has a tendancy to talk like this... OMGZ!!111 Spongebob raep! SKITTLEZZz!! Then be warned as this person have possibly be a Sarkohmo. you may come into contact with the Sarkoh as it is perfectly sane but be warned of its followers as some are ruthless hating machines
person 1: like OmGGG!!! red is just such an awesome color lawlzcopfterrp. wats ur favorite color? :P

person 2: are you a Sarkohmo?

person 1: u tryin to b funnie? i wuz just being my like random self like ARG!! >=/ if yhooz insulting me or Sarkoh then you better watch ur mouff boi!
by December 22, 2009
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