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(n) When you try to procrastinate something by acting like you are masturbating so much that you actually have an orgasm.
Guy 1: Are you ready for the test?
Guy 2: No man, I just did some sargasmic procrasturbation for hours last night so I need to study after I sleep.

procrasturbation sargasm orgasm procrastination
by el whispering eye October 14, 2010
When you masturbate while you procrastinate in a sarcastic manner until you orgasm.
Guy 1: Hey, did you finish the project?

Guy 2: Hell yeah I did! I've been working on my sargasmic procrasturbation all night!

Guy 1: So you didn't really finish it, did you?

Guy 2: Nope, I haven't even started.
by Muff Garbage October 19, 2010
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