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sarelle means the goddess of all goddesses she is beautiful very outgoing hyper yet the most chill person you will meet at first she will seem shy but after you get to know her she will become your entire world sarelle can be your best friend( with a very forgetful mind) or she can be just plain old amazing. very lovable accepts everybody but has a very open ind good a embracing you and is not afraid to tell you the plain old truth very sarcastic HILARIOUS!! just wants to have funn!!! laughs so hard at things that are just plain old random not afraid to ask anybody anything
friend: omg that boy is so cute it would be awsome if he asked me to prom oh it would be perfect

(sarelle yells at boy)

Sarelle: Heyy!!!! you, ya you the hot one will you go to .prom with my friend she thinks you are really really HAWT!
by professor einstine December 07, 2009
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