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1) Person who is beautiful.

2) Try to have good behavior with everyone, but sometimes unsuccessful.

3) In the past people used this name for some fabrics and clothes that women used for cover their body.

4) Because of the usage of her name, she knows many Privacies and Limitations, she try to care about that.

5) Sometimes has attention to somethings that they don't have enough value and forget and unaware things that have value.

6) Many women try to be like her and many men try to have her.

7) She is a complete woman any way.

Dude1 : " Heeey, thas is sareh...."
Dude2 : " Yeah...! I like to be with her. But she don't have any attention to me! :("
Dude1 : " Me too."
by Cat Killers January 10, 2011
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