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A very cute creature that is a mix between a Sarah, a cat, and a Bear. Is commonly seen around Ice Cream shops and theme parks. She has the worlds greatest basement and likes great movies. Don't leave your phone out however because she might try and steal it from you whilee you are not looking and change your background. Other than the phone stealing, she is the nicest girl/cat/bear you will ever meet and never ever says mean things to you. The greatest friend anyone could ever ask for.
"You wont believe what I saw today! I saw a Sarebear!" "No wai!" "Ya way, we hung out and she took me on a rollercoaster and gave me the best saturday I have ever had!"
by tombear May 30, 2009

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a total bitch. often sleeps with many guys at once. considered a whore.

but loved by big mac
hey sare bear!
by bigmacc August 20, 2008