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The act of being optimistic yet still being such a sarcastic bastard you make sure they know your lying.
"God dammit Destiny I can't stand Stacy!"

"I know she is such a Sarcasmistic bitch!"

"Shes only jealous! Come on Destiny, lets go eat 4 pounds of ice cream, throw up, and then make out while pretending its not going to complicate our friendship!"

"Alright but this time I get to comfort your little brother when he walks in on us."
by Kamidarko January 24, 2009
To be beyond sarcastic or to be in sarcasm
Why are you being so sarcasmistic about it?
by dfinf2 August 04, 2005
Mixture of "sarcasm" and "orgasmic:" a bit like schadenfreude, that great feeling when you get really biting sarcasm.
That Woody Allen movie was sarcasmistic, though twisted (and perhaps because)
by mirimin April 07, 2004
sarcastic mixed with optimistic. Being sarcastic and optimistic at the same time.
The kid was sarcasmistic about the 40 mile bus ride.
by drgnflm13 November 13, 2004
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