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The act of being optimistic yet still being such a sarcastic bastard you make sure they know your lying.
"God dammit Destiny I can't stand Stacy!"

"I know she is such a Sarcasmistic bitch!"

"Shes only jealous! Come on Destiny, lets go eat 4 pounds of ice cream, throw up, and then make out while pretending its not going to complicate our friendship!"

"Alright but this time I get to comfort your little brother when he walks in on us."
by Kamidarko January 24, 2009
5 0
To be beyond sarcastic or to be in sarcasm
Why are you being so sarcasmistic about it?
by dfinf2 August 04, 2005
1 3
Mixture of "sarcasm" and "orgasmic:" a bit like schadenfreude, that great feeling when you get really biting sarcasm.
That Woody Allen movie was sarcasmistic, though twisted (and perhaps because)
by mirimin April 07, 2004
0 4
sarcastic mixed with optimistic. Being sarcastic and optimistic at the same time.
The kid was sarcasmistic about the 40 mile bus ride.
by drgnflm13 November 13, 2004
8 15