Includes Saratoga country club, arganout shopping center and saratoga bagels (which sucks ass)

Filled with old, rich people...and the kids go stupid in their bmws and Mercedes (even if los gatos has nicer cars and a nicer downtown)

Unfortunately, we have brown street signs that are hard to see at night.
In July of 2005, CNN/Money and Money magazine named Saratoga the twenty sixth-best place to live in the United States.
by ellabell May 14, 2007
society against the ridiculously abusive treatment of gummy animals
group that protects the rights of gummy animals
by lemony ann November 14, 2003
A ghetto-ass brand of cigarettes that are about 4 inches long
Hey dude, I couldn't find any Marlboros so I got some Saratogas!
Isn't that a rich town in New York?
by EmoJesusWins October 25, 2010
A rich suburb outside of San Jose, California, filled with rich, boring, ugly, people.
The asian teenagers rule the high school, making white teenagers the minority, therefore being discriminated against. Even though the asians rule Saratoga, they tend to be boring and study non stop and consider an A- failing. Since the asian students, who take up over 65% of the student body, are so focused on only academics, it causes the sports teams to all suck.
All the teenagers dress preppy in Hollister and Abercrombie, and if they don't, they get made fun of for not being preppy like the rest of them.
Also in the town, there are many elderly people who you don't see come out of their houses much, but who can blame them since there is nothing to do in Saratoga. Downtown Saratoga is filled with overpriced restaurants and nail salons run by people who speak with such thick accents you cannot tell what they are trying to ask.
Saratoga is a ridiculously boring town.
by musicaddict July 18, 2008
a rich suburb of San Jose. Kids party like crazy. even though far from oakland, the youngstas are reppin the hyphy movement. you see benzos and beamers all over the joint and the cops are fags.
partay in the big TOGA tonite, as in we gunna party in saratoga cus thas wer da money at
by Jacksonvile August 11, 2006
Saratoga, in the local dialect often pronounced sawa-tug-ga.
A quick word of advice would be to pick up a Mandarin phrase book before visiting. Saratoga's official car is the Toyota, however it is not uncommon to receive a brand new Lexus for your 15th birthday. Most people in Saratoga have been sheltered for much of their life and find it tough to cope with school. Most students border delinquincy with an average test score of 97%. However it is very safe and a great place to live.
asianQTpiexo89: omg I got a 92% on my last test, my parents wont love me anymore.

fighterforceXX: that is the suxors, sorry ttyl i have to go to chinese school.

Saratoga the land of little imagination and too much work.
by insider12 December 13, 2006
- A super rich town in Northern California at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains

- Is filled with Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Persian, and pretty much every other type of East Asian, South Asian, West Asian or other Asian

- A really crappy fifty year-old un-renovated, unmaintained house with dog poop all over the carpet will cost about $1 million to $2 million
I was in Saratoga when I saw a house that had no roof for sale for $3 million
by GarbanzoDaFish September 26, 2014

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