Also Known As, Sarah Stalin. A dumb bitch who for some reasons, became governor of Alaska. She has a knocked up daughter and a retarded husband. Rumours are that Sarah Palin is actually TINA FEY in disguise - well we wouldn't know but they both have 1 important thing in common, they're both pretty stupid.
Sarah Palin is running for president in 2012?!

Please shoot me nao -.-
by TheStupidAznGrl July 18, 2010
See "idiot."
That Sarah Palin scares the heck out of me!
by jabfuiuwarnkdjgsh December 31, 2009
A bitch who's against abortion, gay marriage, Harry Potter, and wolves, and everything else good. She's got a daughter who's pregnant and married who wouldn't be like that if she didn't promote abstinence-only sex education.
Stupid guy: Duuur. I luv Sarah Palin!
Smart guy: Are you kidding!?! She's pure evil!
by King of Jellybeans October 21, 2008
McCain's superbitch!
McCain: I need to shake up my presidential ticket. After all, I'm 70... I'll call Sarah Palin, the Alaska superbitch!

Palin: I'm right here sir! Your very own good looking superbitch!

McCain: Yay!
by The Angry Alaskan September 08, 2008
Two words: nut case!!!
Sane person: "She started behaving like Sarah Palin, so we figured a padded cell was the best place for her!"
by ChooseRedBull June 26, 2010
Glen Beck's nazi sister. she believes her 'drill, baby, drill' slogan is still the best oil drilling policy for america, despite the recent catastrophe in the gulf of mexico. like fox news, she also believes she's 'fair and balanced,' which may be the biggest political farce of this decade.
I'm an environmentalist, not another Sarah Palin republican.
by betherz May 14, 2010
a eskimo turned politician who commonly uses her hand for political ideas. her major credential being she can see russia from her house. she says no more then a whiny teenage girl

doing the sarah palin: saying no
dude 1: wanna go to the movies?
dude 2: no
dude 1: want me to give you money?
dude 2: no way leftist!
dude 1: fuckin sarah palin
by foxyfox2451 March 02, 2010

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