Talented actress best known for portraying Buffy Summers on the cult hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Though talented, most of her movies and acting career after Buffy have sucked.
Girl: "Hey, I wanna go to a movie?"
Guy: "Nah, let's just rent one."
Girl: "Why?"
Guy: "I checked to see what movies are playing, and they're all a bunch of Sarah Michelle Gellar type movies."
Girl: "Oh. Ok."
by ~*Foxy Lady*~ October 16, 2006
Sarah Michelle Gellar is anything that fucks you over.
"My life used to be the shit, but now it sucks because of Sarah Michelle Gellar."
by Anthony Wheeler September 27, 2007
A flat-chested actress who will hopefully keep going with her career.
Man, that girl over there is about the size of Sarah Michelle Gellar.
by tbe July 27, 2005
Sarah Michelle Gellar (a.k.a. "The Duchess"): a second-rate actress with delusions of grandeur and an ego way out of proportion to her talent and stature.
"I'll kiss anything. Guys, girls...dogs."
- Sarah Michelle Gellar

"Being a teen idol is what I've waited for my whole life."
- Sarah Michelle Gellar
by watcher350 May 31, 2005
See, Annoying Brat. The most EVIL celebrity to ever walk the earth.
I hate that bitch, damn I do. May she die quick and soon.
by G-Union 2 July 08, 2004
One of the UGLIEST women ever, but for some unknown reason, Hollywood makes her out to be a beauty queen. She looks like an insect with that aneorexic body of hers. Top that off with bleached blonde hair, eyebrows that look like they're about to fall off her face, a hook nose, and a weird looking mouth due to an overbite. What's attractive about that?? She's hideous.

Not to mention, she's an awful actress. Her entire filmography consists of teen drama or teen horror. She has no ability to expand beyond that; no depth, no versatility, no intellectual roles. Her 'acting' is a joke! Calling her a good actress only dilutes the meaning for those it actually does apply to: Scarlett Johannssen, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron to name a few.
SMG is an ugly, overrated, talentless stick figure who for some unknown reason is really successful. Like Jennifer Aniston, she's known more for her husband than any acting talent.
by ps March 21, 2005

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