Top definition
"Sara" meaning princess
and "Jane" meaning joy
this person is the wonderful combination of self esteem and childish enthusiasm.

Her very existence is entertaining, and she would love to meet you. be sure to introduce yourself if you have had a potential SaraJane spotting.
O my gosh that is so SaraJane

Did you see that outfit? Totally SaraJane

Gosh that's such a SaraJane tree.

"Omg I'm SaraJane and I'm like gonna save the world! I'm like WonderWoman without the bra!"
by Sinde April 08, 2010
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The raddest chick you'll ever meet. She is just the right balance of sexy and nerdy in that she is so nerdy she's sexy. Back to the Future, Doctor Who (of course, her name IS Sarajane), Kingdom Hearts, you name it! She'll debate with you the value of time and space while gazing seductively at you over her sexy-librarian glasses.

To guys, this chick is a keeper. She's loyal, headstrong, and incredibly sarcastic. She's quick to break an awkward silence and qualms with doing the Tim Warp at inappropriate times. Each and every date is exciting and new and never dull. If you attract her attention, consider yourself lucky to even be a blip on her nerd radar.

Consider letting your nerd flag fly around her, because this is most welcome. A Sarajane likes nothing more than to be among nerd kin and bask in their nerdery.
I hung out with Sarajane last night... Damn, that chick is amazing.

Did you see the Doctor Who T-shirt Sarajane was wearing?

So, Sarajane, I have an extra Comic-Con ticket and thought of you...
by weurdBLOGGER June 07, 2011
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a person who is dirty and pale.
EW! Look at that Sara Jane trying to steal everyone's man!
by littleafrica August 05, 2011
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