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An extremely long and singular nipple hair.
I've been growing out this Sara for the last three years.
by Martyr of Swag March 30, 2014
a totally amazing, little under 4'11 sophisticated indian-american teenager who is secretly a vixen. She chooses her men wisely. although she may seem silent, well-behaved, and innocent to those who don't know her well, she is actually super exciting and a little obnoxious. Sometimes her fun personality can be misconstured as weird because of the off-hand, unexpected, odd, and inappropriate remarks she makes.
I though Sara was extremely quiet, but then after I became her friend, I found out she was really crazy and weird.
by iknowyouknow June 11, 2013
girl who farts without telling
ew nastiness Sara
by DawnMarie April 02, 2012
SARA is an acronym used in accident and emergency departments at hostpitals.
It stands for Sexual Activity Related Accident.
Nurse 1: Did you see the SARA in A&E this morning?

Nurse 2: Yep, how someone gets a tin of special brew up their anus is beyond me.

Nurse 3: Did you see yesterdays SARA? He had a curly phone cord shoved so far up his penis it was tangled in his bladder!

Nurse 1: We had one in last week who was masturbating with gritty swarfega as a lube, that was a truly messy SARA.
by Bollokovski April 23, 2011
Man that girl is a Sara
by Hash she November 26, 2013
Sara is a girl who is absolutly amazing. She is beautiful and unique. She has God's love inside her heart and I swear she is an angel sent from heaven. Attends Church on saturday nights. She loves American Sign Language, Owl City and is very fond of this half-asian 17 year old. J.R. Her heart is big, and she is extreamly kind. She always knows what to say to make someone smile, and she loves good news, It makes her giggle, and smile wide! Sara is extreamly politically active, and declares her self a teenage republican. She is Ann Coulter 2.0. To say in the least, Sara is just as perfect as they come!
by Pooky1992 February 07, 2010
The most amazing person ever!, The girl that u would do anything for and that a guy is so fucking lucky to have
Brian- who is this sara?
Ben- The most amazing thing ever!
by Beno73 April 02, 2007