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1. (noun) A person who, whilst confronted with seemingly impossible odds in life, will, usually, come through with a smile and, oddly, a pokemon deck.

2. (noun) A person who relies heavily on friends, regardless of whether or not they exist.

3. (Adjective) 'To be Saphy' To be Truly amazing despite everything

4. (verb) 'to Saphy' To bounce back from major setbacks and discover that, within misfortune, can be found a fortune greater than before.
1. & 2. "Yeah, she's a real Saphy"

3. "She's very Saphy that one, you know"

4. "She really Saphied after her first boyfriend left her."
by Herbanator June 13, 2007
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Adjectival Noun/Adj./Intransive Verb.

Adjectival Noun: someone who acts childishly, immaturely, and bitchy, though he or she is a legal adult.

Adj: 1. Puerile; immature; childish though legally adult.
2. Bitchy, clearly overcompensating for lack of intelligence and security.

Int. Verb: To act in any of the above ways.
Adjectival Noun: "Why are you being such a saphy?"

Adj.: 1. "That was the most saphy thing you could have done, brat."
2. "I can't believe she did such a saphy thing. I hear Jane cried all night."

Int. Verb: "Yeah, bitch, don't saphy me."
by Lola June 24, 2004
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