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A Santeh is a female.. She is one of the kind of girls who everybody wants to hang out with. She is a true party animal!
Usually has black/brown hair and dark brown hair.
Can be loud at times
Usually an amazing swimmer, its rare to meet one that isn't
If you ever meet a Santeh you're a lucky guy/girl
Has good grades
Never gets into trouble
Does nothing wrong
Is very pretty
IS funny

Is great to hang out with
A good friend
Great to talk to too
Great listener
And has many friends
If you meet a Santeh don't let go of her
A true friend to stay and great to have awk conversations with
Guy 1:Do you see that girl over there?
Guy 2: Wait she looks like a Santeh!
Guy 1: Hell to the yeah!
by CanndyLuvvvvver! August 20, 2011
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