A synonym for a white person
<sano> my bike was just stolen!
by not_sano June 01, 2009
Top Definition
Officially from the latin "mens sana in corpore sano" (a sound mind in a sound body); adopted by California Kar Kulture in the 1960s to describe a particularly "clean" (sanitary) custom job. Rarely used now, which, oddly enough, probably makes it cool again.
Dude just got his lowrider finished over the weekend. Sano paint, not too heavy on the bling.
by amateriat June 22, 2006
sanitary, clean, neat, pristine
"What a sano stereo installation!"
by DrScum December 10, 2005
a lady with extreme beauty, kindness and generosity. , fusually a shyilled-with-love emotional belle who deserve more of everything.
life would have been more worth a living if there were more sanos
by ayearlater November 08, 2009
Man with very big penis
hung like a donkey
by alan August 27, 2003
A wanker
Sano you are a wanker
by David Keane August 27, 2003
Home wrecker
Im Sano and I fkd Triona and John is gonna mad out.
by SAAA---NOOOOOOO August 30, 2003
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