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A district of Hamburg with a bangerangolicious nightlife, a fishmarket on Sunday mornings, the best football club (fc sankt pauli), it's own brewery and the Reeperbahn. Friendly TransAnts can be seen casually getting kaylied and hipsters thrive in inspiring hobosexual - metrosexual coexistence. USP graffitti is also prevalent.

The St. Pauli flag is the Jolly Roger, the Skull and Crossbones. The skull usually wears an eyepatch, for Uber Cool pirate authenticity. Arrr.

Abbreviated form is St. Pauli.
> Where are the Uber Cool people?
- Sankt Pauli.
> What's the best district in Hamburg, which is coincidentally the best city to ever exist?
- St. Pauli. Did I mention the boats and the Dom?
> No, but St. Pauli is an icon, deserving admiration from all.
- We both know that already.
by w82concerned May 14, 2011
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