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is a girl's name. Girls with this name are incredibly gorgeous and have a special vibe about them.

Urdu: Moment
Arabic: Brilliant
Wait a Saniya...

That was fuckin' Saniya!
by alpha male 456 April 16, 2010
The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. the BEST friend someone can have andd PAKISTANI AWESOMENESS IS THE DEFINITON YOU WILL SEE IN THE DICTIONARY IF U LOOK HER UP. Nerd.(smartt) Skinny.TALLL !

and MY INDIAN BUDDY. ALSO, FUN AND LAUGHATIVE. ALOTT ;D obsessed with watching INDIAN dramas.
Is that Saniya ?

Yeah,man ,shes the cutest nerd ive ever met ! :]
by Anoynumous October 31, 2010
"saniya" an indian word for describing blonde. but a nice person at heart :D
To pull a saniya- to trip over a cordless phone
by RandallZ August 22, 2007
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