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1. (v.) The passive act of living and interacting among other conscious beings.
(This meaning is derived from the name of the goddess, Sanisa.)

2. An American mythological goddess, the princess of sex, creation, experience, and by some accounts, the goddess of life.
Sanisa has no parallel in any other well-known polytheistic religious system.
Represented in Chaotastrology by the sun,
She is commonly depicted in a pornographic nature, though her from varies, depending on the sexual preference of the artist. She is usually depicted as hermaphroditic.
Known also as the Velvet Lady, Queen of the Silvery Dawn, and by many, a slut.
1. "As his vision narrowed to a pinprick of light within an emptiness, darker than any night he had ever stared into, he came to regret the way in which he lived his life. He had taken the precious gift of sanisa for granted. And now, as the life drained from him and onto the ground beneath him, he wished he could continue on, and then appreciate the experiences he would have with the people he was so lucky to spend his life with. Unfortunately, there was no one around to hear him."

2. It has been suggested by various scholars that the goddess Sanisa had an integral hand in the popular sexual liberation in Europe during the late 20th century.
This is believed to have been facilitated by the widespread belief in systems of occult magical practice in Europe, which would also seek to explain the decline of "free love" in America, as spiritual enlightenment faded alongside the counterculture movement of the 1960's.
by Halan March 19, 2013
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