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A person who is smart and VERY cool. Being called 'saner' is a HUGE honor
Woah! The boy is SANER!
by Arg October 31, 2003
20 8
Used to define something magnificient that has just happened.
Or used to compliment someone who is a handsome, large penised, and very lucky man.
"Dude i was walking home and my milf neighbor called me in her house and fucked me all night"
"Damn thats fucking Saner"
by Eren Saner March 10, 2008
8 6
down ass loko 4rm the 562 of whittier 7263R all day ese!
Damn there goes that crazy ass foo SANER hes loc 2 the brain all day con sus faded pants!
by ese saner February 26, 2007
4 6
down ass foo from the 562 of whittier 7623R all day
Damn look at that foo SANER that foos lok 2 the brain all day everyday co sus faded pants.
by esesaner1 February 23, 2007
0 10